My story, “A Lesson in Metempsychosis,” is up at Extract(s) today! This was the very first piece I wrote at Clarion West, so if you want to know what I was thinking about that first morning we had a story due (back in good ol’ 2010), please take a journey through my mental landscape. Usually, after every story I write I carry around a feeling of shame. I always violate some boundary or hurt something in a story that makes me feel people should keep a wide berth. So maybe that explains the story. Who knows. Was the me in the past talking to the me in the future? Maybe it’s just a story. Let’s go with that. I mean, come on. A story with giant, soul-swapping crows? What more could you want? Also, it’s like 800 words, so it’s like twice as long as this meandering blog post about it.

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